Dock Party

The day was sunny, the wind was chilling. The brave crew assembled in spite of the fact that the Dark Side was to be fixed to the dock until the port engine is fixed. It was great see everyone and we all enjoyed the day together.


Radio Check

I have been using a hand held VHF for the last little while. Now I have fully functional Radios on both the Fly Bridge and the Helm Station. Prescott Coast Guard Radio has confirmed radio checks and the MMSI# 316041295 has been registered and updated with the government.

Engine Trouble

It has been a bit of a problem finding a marine mechanic that has time to look at the accumulation of fluids I am building up under the engines. Today Gord entered the engine bay and fixed the leak in the generator, replaced the starboard engine impeller, and found a the leak in the port engine injector pump.

He has taken the port engine off line until replacement parts can be found. Perkins engine parts are not as well supported as I had hoped. He has had to work down through the supplier network to get the pump manufacture to supply parts. This might take some time.

The A Team

Martin and Kerri joined for a day on the lake. Little did we know that we would aiding a boater in distress. Prescott Coast Guard Radio put out request to lend assistance to a stranded boat off Burlington Pier.

We headed over and met Kurt on his powerless jet ski. We put him is tow and dragged him back to La Salle. He knew our boat and we made a new friend.


We had a full crew scheduled for Monday, but at the last minute every except Dave bailed. So we made it a man day and headed out on the lake to Burlington beach.

The high water reduced the beach to a small strip. It was a beautiful day and many people came out.

The Adventures of the Dark Side.